Who am I?

A little bit of me…

Hello, my name is Antonio and I am a destination wedding photographer which is the most amazing job I can imagine. Originally, I am from the beautiful Amalfi coast where I grew up and have been formed by shooting with the film camera that I still use in combination with the digital one. Currently I live in France and have the chance to travel around the world in line with my brides and grooms’ choices. For better performing and play with different sources of lights I am supported by my team whose components can vary from 1 to 4 assistants depending on the different parameters (number of guests, presence of video maker(s), request for a photo call….) I always feel honored when a couple chooses me for capturing moments of their wedding. This motivates me to give the best of myself for each step of my performance: from an elegant dressing code for all the team members to the choice of the most prestigious books that contain, fine, natural and timeless photos.

My mission is to preserve memories not just for you but for the ones asking questions decades down the line. I love photography since I was a kid. Thanks to it I have always been able to express my creativity. When I was 9 years old, I received my first camera, a Yashica, that I always had with me and with whom I started photographing children who made their first communion. During all these years, I have learned that a good photographer must be flexible, have a good dose of empathy and be able to listen to his clients’ wishes. The human aspect, combined with a strong aesthetic dimension and a professional equipment, make me a privileged interlocutor for the most important day of your life